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Welcome to Gracie Barra Adults, where we believe that Jiu-Jitsu is not just a martial art, it’s a way of life. Our program is designed to help adults of all ages and skill levels achieve their fitness and self-defense goals while developing the mental discipline, confidence, and sense of community that comes with being a part of the Gracie Barra family.

10 Reasons what to join Gracie Barra Adults:

  1. World-Class Instruction: Under the guidance of Black Belt Robert Goodloe, students receive an exceptional level of instruction.
  2. Community Building: Gracie Barra Lake Orion fosters a strong sense of community and mutual respect among students.
  3. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our programs, from fundamentals to advanced strategies, ensure well-rounded development.
  4. Personal Development: Our training enhances discipline, self-confidence, and respect, which permeates all aspects of life.
  5. Safety First: We prioritize safety in our classes, offering a secure environment that encourages learning and growth.
  6. Physical Fitness: Our training program enhances physical strength, flexibility, and mental toughness.
  7. Jiu-Jitsu as a Lifestyle: We promote Jiu-Jitsu as a journey of lifelong learning and personal evolution.
  8. Proven Techniques: We employ teaching methods refined over years, providing an effective and enjoyable training experience.
  9. Competitive Opportunities: For those interested in competitive sport, Gracie Barra Lake Orion provides opportunities to train for and participate in various Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions.
  10. Heritage: Training at Gracie Barra Lake Orion connects you to the rich legacy of the Gracie Barra family, letting you be part of this illustrious lineage.

Enroll in Gracie Barra Adults today and experience the life-changing benefits of Jiu-Jitsu for yourself. Our program is open to adults of all ages and skill levels, so whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, you’ll find a place to grow and thrive at Gracie Barra Adults.

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Student Creed

Benefit for your child joining our

GBK Program

  • Improve social skills
  • Enhance their self-confidence
  • They will gain a better understanding of goal-setting and working towards them
  • Learn the GB Self-Defense System
  • Learn personal responsibility, respect, and humility
  • Increase focus, energy and concentration
  • Enjoy significant gains in overall fitness level
  • Train in over 100 different locations in United States and 800 worldwide
  • Free access to the school’s events and special classes
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