Week 10 Curriculum: Mastering the Fundamentals

Welcome to Week 10 of our training curriculum at Gracie Barra Lake Orion! This week, we’ll be diving deep into some essential techniques that are crucial for building a strong foundation in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Let’s break down what we’ll be focusing on:


Understanding how to defend against and escape headlocks is vital for anyone practicing Jiu-Jitsu. We’ll be covering various scenarios and techniques to ensure you’re well-equipped to handle these situations effectively. This includes recognizing different types of headlocks, such as standing and ground headlocks, and learning the appropriate counters and escapes.

Hip and Hand Throws

Throws are a powerful way to gain control and dominate your opponent. This week, we’ll focus on hip and hand throws, breaking down the mechanics to ensure proper execution. You’ll learn how to use leverage and timing to perform these throws effectively, whether in a competitive setting or self-defense situation.

Mount Position

The mount is one of the most dominant positions in Jiu-Jitsu. We’ll work on maintaining and transitioning to the mount position, as well as various submissions and controls from this advantageous spot. Emphasis will be placed on balance, pressure, and strategic movements to maximize control over your opponent.

Knee on Belly Position

Knee on belly is a versatile position that offers excellent control and the ability to transition quickly. We’ll practice maintaining this position, applying pressure, and executing submissions or transitions from here. This position is especially useful for controlling an opponent while staying mobile and ready to react.

Word of the Week: Patience

Patience is a key virtue in Jiu-Jitsu and life. This week, we’ll highlight the importance of patience in training and competition. Understanding that progress comes with time and consistent effort is essential. Patience allows you to stay calm under pressure, make better decisions, and ultimately achieve your goals more effectively.

No-Gi Class Schedule Change

Starting next week, we’ll be moving our No-Gi classes from Tuesday to Wednesday. This change is part of our ongoing efforts to optimize our schedule and create more training opportunities for everyone in the future. By making this adjustment, we aim to provide a more balanced and comprehensive training experience. Stay tuned for additional classes and exciting new training sessions coming soon!

As we delve into these techniques, remember that each movement and position builds upon the last. Take the time to refine your skills, and don’t rush the process. Patience and consistent practice will lead to mastery.

We look forward to seeing you on the mats!