Week 12 Focus: Clinch and Holds, Foot Throws, Turtle Position, and a Spooktacular Surprise!

Welcome back to another thrilling week of our jiu-jitsu journey! Week 12 promises to be action-packed as we delve into clinch and holds, explore foot throws, and navigate the tactical waters of the turtle position. Plus, get ready for an exciting announcement about our upcoming Safety and Self-Defense Spooktacular on October 28th at 6 PM.

Clinch and Holds Mastery

This week, we’re immersing ourselves in the intricacies of clinch and holds—a cornerstone of jiu-jitsu that emphasizes control, strategy, and finesse. From collar ties to under-hooks, we’re refining our techniques to dominate our opponents in close-quarters combat. It’s not just about strength; it’s about leverage, balance, and the art of anticipation.

Foot Throws Unleashed

Elevate your game with the dynamic dimension of foot throws. By understanding weight distribution and perfecting timing, we’ll seamlessly incorporate foot throws into our arsenal. Surprise your training partners with throws that are not only effective but also showcase the elegance of our sport.

Turtle Position: A Tactical Perspective

The turtle position is our focus this week—a versatile posture for defense and transition. Explore its nuances, master the art of defending and countering, and turn this position into a powerful weapon in your jiu-jitsu toolkit.

Word of the Week: Mindfulness

Amidst the intensity of training, let’s embrace mindfulness. Being fully present in each moment enhances our learning and performance. Take a mindful approach to your training—observe, adapt, and flow with the techniques you’re mastering.

Save the date for Gracie Barra Lake Orion’s Safety and Self-Defense Spooktacular!

Mark your calendars for October 28th at 6 PM! Join us for a Safety and Self-Defense Spooktacular—a community event designed to have fun and empower you with essential self-defense skills. Wear your spookiest gear, and let’s make this evening both educational and entertaining. Register here for the Safety and Self Defense Spooktacular!

Let’s make Week 12 a week of mindful growth and technical excellence on the mats. See you at the Safety and Self-Defense Spooktacular!

Train hard, train smart! See you on the mats!