Week 16: Mastering Clinch, Throws, and Dominant Positions!

Hello Warriors!

As we embark on Week 16 of our martial arts journey, the mat transforms into a canvas of strategic brilliance. Get ready for a week dedicated to mastering the art of clinch and holds, perfecting foot throws, and exploring the intricacies of mount and knee-on-belly positions. Let’s dive into the exciting curriculum that awaits us!

Clinch and Holds: The Dance of Control

This week, we delve into the world of clinch and holds—an essential aspect of martial arts strategy. Discover the art of controlling your opponent’s movements, creating openings for strikes, and gaining dominance in close-quarters combat. Whether it’s underhooks, overhooks, or tie-ups, you’ll be navigating the clinch with finesse.

Foot Throws: Precision in Motion

Foot throws add a dynamic dimension to our arsenal. Embrace the fluidity and precision required to execute effective foot throws. Explore the mechanics, timing, and footwork necessary to take control of your opponent’s balance and execute throws with finesse. Get ready to add a touch of artistry to your martial arts repertoire!

Mount Position: Commanding Heights

Mastering the mount position is like claiming the high ground in battle. This week, we focus on achieving and maintaining the mount—a position that offers strategic advantages for both offense and defense. Learn to control your opponent, unleash effective strikes, and set the stage for dominant ground gameplay.

Knee on Belly: Pressure Points and Precision

The knee-on-belly position is a powerful tool for asserting dominance and control on the ground. Dive into the nuances of this position, understanding how to apply pressure effectively while maintaining agility. Explore transitions, submissions, and strategic movements from the knee-on-belly, adding versatility to your ground game.

Word of the Week: Service

In the spirit of martial arts philosophy, our word of the week is “service.” As we hone our skills on the mat, let’s reflect on the importance of service to our martial arts community. Whether it’s offering guidance to a fellow warrior, sharing knowledge, or contributing to the overall positive atmosphere, our collective service strengthens the bonds of our martial arts family.

As we immerse ourselves in Week 16, let the word “service” guide our actions both on and off the mat. Together, let’s elevate our martial arts journey and support each other in the pursuit of excellence!

Parents Night Out! 

Parents, we’ve got something special for you this week! After your little warriors practice on mastering clinch and holds, foot throws, and dominant positions, and all the cooking, cleaning and shopping is done, we’re hosting a Parents Night Out on 11/25/2023!  Drop off your kids for a night of martial arts fun, games, and treats while you enjoy a well-deserved break.

Reserve your child’s spot HERE and make it a win-win for everyone!

See you on the mat, ready to embrace the challenges and victories that lie ahead!

Warm regards,

Gracie Barra Lake Orion