Week 4: Mastering Technique with Discipline

Greetings, warriors! This week, we’re delving into the intricacies of technique and the importance of discipline in refining your jiu-jitsu skills. Let’s dive into our curriculum and explore how discipline plays a crucial role in your progress on the mats.

Clinch and Holds

The clinch is a fundamental position in jiu-jitsu, providing you with control over your opponent and setting the stage for various offensive and defensive maneuvers. We’ll focus on mastering different clinch techniques and holds, emphasizing the importance of leverage and positioning.

Foot Throws

Foot throws are dynamic techniques that can catch your opponent off guard and create opportunities for advantageous positions. We’ll break down the mechanics of foot throws and practice executing them with precision and timing.

Mount Positions

Achieving the mount position puts you in a dominant spot where you can control your opponent’s movements and set up submissions. We’ll explore different mount variations and strategies for maintaining control while transitioning to attacks.

Knee on Belly Position

The knee on belly position is a versatile tool for controlling your opponent and setting up transitions and submissions. We’ll refine our knee on belly techniques, focusing on pressure, balance, and effective positioning to keep your opponent on the defensive.

Word of the Week: Discipline

Discipline is the cornerstone of success in jiu-jitsu, both on and off the mats. It’s the commitment to consistent training, the dedication to refining your technique, and the resilience to push through challenges. Embrace discipline as your guiding force in your jiu-jitsu journey, and watch as it leads you to new heights of skill and mastery.

Upcoming Community Event: Family and Friends Class

Don’t forget to join us for our Family and Friends Class on April 20th at 9am! This special event is a fantastic opportunity to share your love for jiu-jitsu with your loved ones. Bring your family, friends, and neighbors for a fun-filled session on the mats. Let’s spread the joy of jiu-jitsu together! Register HERE for Family & Friends Class!

That concludes our Week 4 curriculum. Stay disciplined, stay focused, and continue to push yourself to new levels of excellence. See you on the mats! 🥋👊